Submissions, Review & Publication

The papers used in this VOA3R Controlled Experiment have already been submitted through the EasyChair system to the “5th International Workshop on Metadata and Semantics for Agriculture, Food and Environment”, peer-reviewed and accepted for publication.For the purposes of the VOA3R Controlled Experiment, the authors were asked to provide us with the initially submitted version of their papers. The papers are uploaded as .pdf files using the ecologismico, and made available online through this blog. Each blog post provides basic information about one of these papers (title & summary) while access to the full-text paper is provided through a link at the bottom of each post. The papers are available to the public for reviews/comments in the form of blog comments.

This VOA3R Controlled Experiment follows an alternative, open approach to the review process. The basic idea is to achieve an open review and initiate a discussion among the authors, the experts and various other commenters based on the comments/reviews of each paper. This conversation may be continued by additional comments/reviews and lead to the extraction of useful conclusions.

More specifically, each submission will become available on this blog and peers will be invited to make comments visible to everyone. Additional comments from the community will be publicly viewable on this blog. Reviewers identity will be revealed or not, and reviewers will decide on their anonymity. Workshop organizers will make sure that each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the Organizing Committee, and further reviews from the community will be encouraged too. Revised papers, or blog articles updates will be performed continuously as responses to the community comments.

An additional way of reviewing a specific paper is by taking part in the short survey that is available online here. During this survey, a paper will be evaluated by the participants in various aspects regarding its content and quality.

Publication and Presentation in the Workshop
The submitted papers, which will be reviewed during this alternative process will be orally presented at the 5th International Workshop on Metadata and Semantics for Agriculture, Food and Environment during the MTSR 2012 Conference in Cadiz. As a next step, the accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of the MTSR 2012 Conference.


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